Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Further review coverage of Daniel Pink's "Drive"

I've been advised that I could provide a useful service by aggregating reviews of recent books. So, at the risk of seeming to be flacking for certain titles, that's what I will begin doing. So far, I haven't seen a lot of negative coverage of Dan Pink's Drive -- but I will be sure to include such pans if they appear.

In a Time interview with writer Kristi Oloffson, Pink opines that some employers have resisted his ideas since “there’s this idea that employees have to be monitored, that if you let them have any kind of autonomy they’re going to slack off.” To read the interview go to,8599,1952993,00.html

And writing for, George Anders questions whether Pink’s proposals are appropriate for every kind of work -- specifically mentioning supermarket clerks and mall cops. But Anders concludes that Pink’s ideas “deserve a wide hearing” and suggests that corporate boards “could do well by kicking out their pay consultants for an hour and reading Pink's conclusions instead.” You can check out his column at:

That's Anders' take--what's yours? Several readers got into a heated back-and-forth after reading my article on Drive. One reader said he'd turned down a pay increase in exchange for greater vacation time. What do you think--is money still the primary motivator, or are you looking for something else in a work experience?

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