Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving On

Thanks to social-media savant Dan Blank, I now have a new website. I will continue there to write about new business and economics books, developments in the book-publishing world, and about my own forthcoming book, The Company Town (Basic Books, September 7).

Once my book is in stores, I'll likely focus more on writing about my own book-peddling experiences. At the moment, I'm spending lots of energy investigating social media -- LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook, to which I must admit having a slight aversion. LinkedIn, after all, is oriented to careers, Tweets are short and somewhat forgetable, but Facebook seems more akin to unabashed exhibitionism. What's more, I don't have a dog or cute kids to photograph, so I don't have much on my Facebook page. Here's a picture of a cute lizard to make up for my non-pet-owner shortcomings.


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  2. I will be interested to read about your book peddling experience. it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy at all. I tried to do music for a while, but felt really uncomfortable with all of the self promotion. so I became an attorney,and all I do everyday is unabashed self promotion!

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